Child Counseling

Sometimes as parents you may struggle with how best to help your child. You don’t know who to trust or who can help. Our therapists are experienced and enjoy working with ages 6-11. They are trained to use fun, useful and engaging therapy games. They keeps your child’s attention with thought provoking videos and teach them helpful coping skills. My Oviedo Therapists takes their time to get to know your child and their situation. They works at your child’s pace and help them get comfortable in therapy. Your Counselor wants your child to love coming to therapy and feel like it’s helping them.

Sibling Counseling

Often times not only 1 child struggles with transitions or issues but their sibling may be reacting to the same stress too. Their sibling may not understand why their brother/sister is angry or hyper. Sibling sessions allow the counselor to bridge the gap and increase connection between siblings. Strategies are taught and practiced to reduce fighting. They also learn ways to problem solve and react differently to each other. Sibling games can increase connection and a desire to work together.

Parenting Training

The therapists at My Oviedo Counselor will answer your questions, calm your worries and help you gain confidence as a parent and family. They will help you feel capable by teaching you effective parenting skills that are practiced and role modeled in therapy.  They will provide helpful literature and sites to utilize in between sessions. They work hard to understand your concerns and point of view. They are trained not to judge you but to help you to grow into the parent that you want to be.