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What we do for children:

Our sessions are designed to reduce problems with peers, improve emotional regulation, and increase listening skills. Your child’s needs will be focused on and a strong relationship with therapist will be built. They won’t be judged, talked down too or rushed. They will learn useful tools to calm down, get things done better and communicate better. They won’t just “talk” with their therapist but engage in learning powerful skills to feel better and do better. They will feel happier and confident in themselves. Your child will learn to like themselves more, focus less on perfection and enjoy their life! They will learn how to deal well with mistakes or when things don’t go their way. They will begin to see the awesomeness in themselves, their family and their world! Contact My Oviedo Counselor today!

What we do for parents:

Therapy with My Oviedo Counselor will help you develop parenting skills such as effectively communicating with your child and helping your child learn how to cope with stress. Parents will learn to feel confident when making requests and get more out of their child then “I’m fine.” Parenting training will help you clearly express your needs with less frustration and more success. Fights will reduce and your family will get closer to resolutions. You will learn to help your child to express themselves effectively and you will learn how to respond better to them. Your child will want to share things with you more and come to you for help. Role playing, informative handouts and communication skills are taught. Individual skills for your family will be taught too as each family is unique in what they need.  You are an expert and will grow more confident in your skill set as a parent. We are excited to work with you!

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